Organic and the City: Season 1

Living in a city can give you a million and one unhealthy choices.  Between dating, fashion and especially food.  I decided it was time after many late night orders from the local pizza places , Chinese and anything fried, that I needed to make a change.   I am a believer that food can nourish the mind, and also heal, so with that I started the a exploration of creating and finding the best fully organic recipes.  Using fully organic ingredients, I will be showcasing vegetarian meals that not only are organic, but have bit of my heart and soul in them.  I will share the recipes and also any special tips that I have come along when cooking organically, and any businesses or online groups that have helped on the way.  I was inspired to do this by watching and following The Fabulous Beekman Boys and their quest to showcase organic natural farming.

If you are a vegetarian then these recipes will be great to add to your list of ideas, and even if your not a vegetarian there will be great simple ideas that will give you flavorful healthy choices.  I hope you all enjoy!

“Nothing Like a great Organic”


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